About Powell Race Parts

Who We Are And What We Do

John Powell

John has been training, racing, dreaming and working with cars all his life.

Born in England, he started racing in 1966 - ice racing in Québec province; “winters were colder then”, he says, “and the ice was good”. Rear drive wagons and front drive minis, with a thousand studs in each tire, John had success on a chilly Québec “pro” ice race circuit. He raced FB single seaters up until 1974, leaving race driving to become course director at the Mosport Racing School.

John operated the Mosport Racing School with FF single seater race cars. John progressed in the 80s, took over the school on his own, developing his own “school” race team, even a race series for F2000 cars that he introduced to North America with the Reynard brand.

One day John got a call. On the phone was General Motors engineer Dave McLellan; Dave took over the prestigous responsility to be chief engineer of Corvette after Zora Arkus Duntov retired; he wanted John to work with the Corvette engineers. So that was a busy time, fast cars, anti-lock brake development, zero scrub suspension, electronic engine management, traction control, active suspension, lots of goodies to make cars better.

What We Do

We make parts for your car that are superior to OEM or other aftermarket parts for performance, with a modest sacrifice in ride comfort or noise. Most of the parts are race based and the caveat is that such parts may require higher maintance levels, may be for track use only.

John is active on the Delta platform forums, listening to the posters and their needs.

Some items like the new xXx rear sway bar or the hXc control arm set, are a direct response from enthusiasts for more aggressive race bred answers to their performance needs. You should also consider your car in its totality (engine/suspension/interior/exhaust ) for improvements.